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About Us

Lale Organization is an organization firm that organizes cultural and academic activities and publishes works in these areas. The firm specializes in law and art.

Lale Organization runs its activities with the principle of obtaining the highest productivity from its projects. Therefore, it initiates the project process by identifying the needs accurately.

Lale Organization works with expert academicians and artists by adopting different perspectives and innovative approaches and builds its projects on strong foundations in terms of ideas as well as practices.

Lale Organization cooperates with relevant institutions, non-governmental organizations and universities. By doing so, the firm ensures that the projects realized together with right people and institutions reach the right audience. To achieve this, the firm carries out effective promotions through suitable channels.

In addition to the works where current topics are covered with an objective and comprehensive
perspective, Lale Organization presents reference works which will preserve their actuality for long years.

By incorporating international bodies and participant into the processes in matters specific or related to Turkey, Lale Organization creates projects which will allow our country to have a say in international area, and will develop a civilization thought that will contribute to common values of the humanity.

Lale Organization pays strict attention to durability of project outcomes and establishment of sustainable relationships.

Since its establishment, Lale Organization has created leading projects. With its qualified team, competent advisers, professional solution partners, advanced technical infrastructure and ability of fast perception, interpretation, access to right resources and people, fast organization and fast action, Lale Organization continues to realize projects for the benefit of humanity.