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  • Ahmet Akcan
  • Emine Güldür
  • Evren Soyuçok
  • Utku Aydın
  • Mahmut Öncel

Ahmet Akcan

General Manager

Ahmet Akcan graduated from the Faculty of Law of İstanbul University. In his student years, Akcan involved in culture and art activities and then transferred these activities to his professional life in 2003 and gained experience in many successful organizations. In 2007, he founded Lale Organization. He carried out many activities and publishing projects in areas of traditional arts, art history and law. Besides his commercial activities, he has active duties in many non-governmental organizations that focus on culture, art and law.

Emine Güldür

Financial Affairs Coordinator

Selçuk University is a graduate of accounting. Anadolu University business school is a senior student. She has been working in accounting and finance fields at various companies for 10 years. She is the coordinator of the firm's financial affairs.

Evren Soyuçok

Editorial Coordinator, Editorial Editor

He is a graduate of Adnan Menderes University (ADÜ) Turkish Language and Literature Department and a TUL graduate of ADU Turkish Language and Literature Teaching. He has been a blogger since 2005. He is the publishing coordinator of the Turkish Law (turkiyehukuk.org) site within the company; Offers editorial and redactor support to other projects of the company.

Utku Aydın

Publication and Design Coordinator

He is a graduate of Graphic Design Department of Girne American University. Press-public relations, experimentation in marketing, advertising and publishing. Production and coordination of the company's printing and digital publishing and design works.

Mahmut Öncel

Etkinlik Koordinatörü