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December 19, 2018, Wednesday, 18.30
Traditional Arts Talks in December Prof. Dr. Zeki Kuşoğlu and Ömer Faruk Dere
Under the title of "Material Knowledge and Technology in Traditional Arts"
Pens, brushes, ink
Paints, gold, tombak
Papers, leathers, natural materials
These topics were discussed at Loca.
In traditional arts, some materials can be used as ready or reconstructed by the artist. For example, the calligrapher opens his pen himself, makes the ink himself, and the marbling creates almost all of his own materials. A solid foundation in these arts can only be established with the right knowledge of materials.
One of our traditional cultural heritage is Tombak art. The branch of art, which started to develop at the beginning of the 18th century, was frequently used in religious places, architectural structures and military fields. In time, it was used in architectural decorations and to give form to vessels and vases. The works made in the military field take their place in museums as the first examples. Being a major factor in the development of Ottoman art, tombak has been an example to other countries.
Program; After graduating from the School of State Applied Fine Arts, he completed his specialization from Germany, where he went with a state scholarship, and returned in 1969, especially attending many mixed exhibitions, interested in wood, stone and mining arts, and exhibiting works produced with classical and contemporary interpretations. Professor Dr. Zeki Kuşoğlu who has presented more than a hundred papers, writes articles and books, gives conferences. and Hat and Ebru Artist Ömer Faruk Dere attended.