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2nd International Eurasian Law Congress

With the association of Azerbaijan and Turkey Lawyers Confederation and Turkey Law Platform; The 2nd Eurasian Law Congress was held at the Boulevard Hotel in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, between 16-19 December 2018, organized with the contributions of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Justice, the International Lawyers Union, Association of Constitutional Lawyers, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Republic of Azerbaijan Deputies Union, Turkey Azerbaijan Law Platform, TIKA, ASAN Volunteers, the Republic of Turkey in Baku Embassy, Ibn Khaldun University Law School and the Azerbaijani Association of Businessmen in Turkey Istanbul.
Lawyers and academics with common cultural roots came together in the context of the Congress in order to bring the communities together which are living in the nearby geography, with a common heritage and the same cultural codes. Approximately 350 lawyers from 26 different countries exchanged experiences in symposiums and workshops for 2 days in order to develop relations at both the social and state levels, and to establish joint cooperation by introducing the legal systems of the countries they belong to.

The participants of the convention exchanged forward-looking projects with colleagues from different countries, as well as to strengthen the relations established by inviting each other to their academic meetings. Thus, an accumulation has been obtained in the Eurasian geography, where social, cultural and legal ties will be strengthened and contribution will be made to the resolution of legal disputes that may occur in relations.
You can find more information about the event at eurasialaw.org.